Enterprise Services

 We empower your processes and operations via technology solutions, enabling you to scale faster, more reliably, and with greater cost efficiency. 


Ecommerce Solutions

A fully customized, responsive online store that resonates with your customers and showcases your products. Grow your revenue while projecting brand strength.

Software and Scripting Services

Our experienced software engineers construct software and scripts to meet your needs. Increase your organizational efficiency by establishing workflow automation, ETL pipelines, or data analytics & dashboarding tools.

SAAS Platforms

Choose from our available SAAS tools to improve your workflow or work with our software engineers to implement a service that meets your needs.

iOS and Android Apps

Connect with customers or your employees directly on their phones. Our team of professionals will implement and support your app requirements from start to finish.

Cloud Migration

Improve reliability and reduce cost by moving your existing email service or database to the cloud. Our team will migrate you to a cloud provider of your choice or help you select one to meet your needs.


IT Audits

Our professionals work with your personnel to identify areas of improvement in your IT infrastructure and processes. We then recommend improvements that address your problems, empower you to expand, and reduce your overhead.

Our Leadership

Ryan Stepanek - Founder & Lead Engineer

A former Deloitte consultant and founder of Distance Digital. Mr. Stepanek began his career as a datascientist working for the federal government, solving challenging problems in a dynamic mission space.

During his time as a consultant, Mr. Stepanek had numerous clients in the public and private sector where he consulted as a Subject Matter Expert for simulation design, data analytics, and full stack development.

Mr. Stepanek found that the key to success in any sector is understanding client needs, analyzing problems with rigor, and proceeding with adherence to best practices and open communication.

Mr. Stepanek holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa Tandy School of Computer Science. 


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